Ashford Hospitality Prime Inc (NYSE:AHP) Files Presentation Asset Management Expertise

Ashford Hospitality Prime Inc (NYSE:AHP) has filed an investor presentation with the Securities and Exchange Commission concerning the company`s 2016 Yearly Meeting of Shareholders. The presentation encompasses the Ashford Prime`s assets management expertise and a record of its operational excellence.

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The presentation can be viewed from the company`s site. The investor presentation includes the following highlights.

Exceptional Guest experience

The Ashford Prime has expanded and maintained higher levels of guest satisfaction. For the seven of the past nine quarters, the Ashford Prime has been placed 1st or 2nd in Trip Advisor rankings and compared favorably to its direct REIT competitors.

Superior Revenue Optimization

The Ashford Prime`s` assets have performed better as compared to its peers in INTER NATIONAL MARKET INDEX (INDEXNYSEGIS:ADR) and occupancy.

Strong EBITDA Flow-Throughs

Over the past six years, Ashford Prime assets have outdone the average peer by 1,149 bps in EBITDA Flow-Throughs. This is attributed to the practice undertaken by Ashford Prime of enhancing profit margins and maximizing the revenue generating opportunities utilizing creative pricing strategies.

Record of Ownership Value Add

The company has an outstanding track record of attaining the best possible levels of profitability of its acquisitions through prudent capital expenditure, revenue improvement, and minimizing costs. It evaluates its portfolio continuously to ensure proper allocation of resources and enhancement of its profitability.

The company plans to file with the SEC and furnish its stockholders with a proxy statement concerning the 2016 Annual Meeting. Therefore, it appeals to its stockholders to read through the presentation keenly because it contains important information.

From the time Ashford Prime was incepted, its management team, as well as the board, have taken the right and significant steps geared towards driving the stockholder value. With that, it is evident that the company will maintain its focus of driving and maintaining operational performance through its best-in-class management team that plans its assets.

Ashford Hospitality Prime and its directors and other executive officers will be participating in the solicitation of the Ashford Prime`s stockholders concerning the 2016 Yearly Meeting.

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