ArcBlock, Soar Partner to Build Super Map using Blockchain

ArcBlock, which offers an application development platform for decentralized applications and blockchain-enabled services, has formed a partnership with Soar to collaborate on building the world’s first decentralized super-map using blockchain technology.

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Soar aims to use blockchain technology to create a new decentralized platform for high-resolution drone, aerial, and satellite imagery that provide incentives to content creators and offers access to images, video, and aerial maps for end users to purchase.

“We believe that Soar is redefining the mapping industry by empowering content creators and meeting an increasingly important customer need by delivering maps through a dynamic database, that is shared using blockchain technologies, ensuring the integrity and security of the content,” Jean Chen, vice president of public relations at ArcBlock, said in a press statement.

“Our goal is to work with Soar’s development and engineering teams to support them and give them total flexibility by using ArcBlock’s blockchain-agnostic framework to help Soar facilitate the creation, deployment and ongoing management of their blockchain-enabled service.”

ArcBlock/Soar Partnership to Create Marketplace For Mapping Content

The partnership of ArcBlock and Soar will work to deliver decentralized services using various infrastructure services including AWS, Alibaba Cloud and Azure, as well as ArcBlock’s Open Chain Access Protocol (OCAP).

OCAP is an abstraction layer that allows developers and users to build and analyze blockchain-enabled services including reusable components that integrate crucial building blocks that improve user experiences for new and existing projects.

“Our goal is to create an industry leading marketplace for mapping content including helping drone operators monetize their content and to help facilitate the delivery of high-resolution content to end-users,” Neil Prentice, partnerships manager at Soar, said in a statement.

“By working with ArcBlock, we have a partner who has the platform and expertise to help us deliver our blockchain-enabled service including verifying and authenticating uploaded drone, aerial, and satellite imagery content.”

Soar’s day-to-day operations will be based in Singapore, while development and technical support of the Soar platform operations and future development are planned to be undertaken by Takor Group in Australia. The Soar platform will be owned by Soar SG Pte Ltd., which is currently being set up and will be based in Singapore.

Soar will use funds raised by the Token Generation Event for the Skymap token to develop the platform. It will also receive a transaction commission from each sale of data made through the Soar platform. In the future this is expected to expand to include commissions on services that can be delivered through Soar and are paid for in SKYM.

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