Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’S Titan Icar Project Gets “Orphan Status” as Mercedes and BMW Leave Negotiation Table.

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’S Titan Icar Project Gets “Orphan Status” as Mercedes and BMW Leave Negotiation Table.

It is well known that Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is currently in the pursuit of manufacturing the very first Apple car or rather “icar”. However, the list of automobile companies that are willing to partner with Apple seems to be diminishing as allegedly both BMW, as well as Mercedes have turned down negotiations to be a part of this project.

BMW, Mercedes walks away from the contract

The data that is received from customers’ interaction through driving of the vehicle is where the dispute first arises. It would seem an obvious choice for most, partner with Apple and help create the first alleged “semi-autonomous” Apple car.

However, both BMW and Mercedes walked away from Apple and their negotiations. The reason for putting an end to the negotiation talks is the fact that Apple wishes to gain control of this data so as to develop a cloud infrastructure which is a framework based solely on the Titan project. Automakers, however, feel that they should retain the control that this information presents.

Despite Apple’s attempts to partner with well-known automobile manufacturers due to their lack of experience and knowledge in the manufacturing process. It has been reported that allegedly in the last year both BMW, as well as Daimler (the manufacturer of Mercedes-Benz) have been said to have relinquished their negotiations and pulled out of the contract.

Future prospects for the Titan project

Although the loss of these two renown automobile manufacturers could be considered as a significant challenge for this project. Apple still continues on with the development of the car.

It has been reported that Apple has a “secret lab” located in the confines of Berlin, Germany. With a team which consists of 15 – 20 car engineers that have been poached from car companies throughout the country.

Furthermore, Apple is currently in the search for car executives located throughout the U.S. Chris Porritt – the former vice president of Tesla’s vehicle engineering reportedly was recently hired by Apple. This occurred about 4 months after the former head of project Titan, Steve Zadesky allegedly left the company.