Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) Settles On Date For China Cloud Data Handover

The stock of Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) closed at $175.28 gaining 0.57% in yesterday’s trading session. The transfer of cloud data to Apple’s Guizhou partner was one of the utmost priorities for Apple in recent months. Apple has proceeded to set the date and other details as well for this transfer.

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The move to turn over its cloud operations in China to a state-owned partners was a tough balancing act for Apple. It is compulsory that the company complies with Chinese law advocating for where data emanating from the mainland has to be stored. The new rules won’t be a big challenge for the company.

Most of the documents, photos and messages uploaded by the company are set to be stored in one of China’s state-approved data centers. The new change has been seen as a positive by Apple followers.

A large number of the customers that usually log on to Chinese iCloud services have received the notification regarding the new changes that have been implemented. The directive is pretty clear – they will have to choose between using the new iCloud or instead deactivate it right away.

Apple has also moved ahead to assert that in the coming weeks it will dedicate much of its time in letting its customers know about the changes expected to fall into place. It has also proceeded to outline that it already has in place serious data-privacy and security protections. It went further to add that there wouldn’t be any backdoors popping up in any of the company’s systems.

A person familiar with the matter said,” China has tightened its cloud-computing oversight, saying it needs to ensure the privacy of its citizens’ data. Late last year, to comply with the new rules, Amazon Inc.’s    Amazon Web Services unit sold computing equipment used for its cloud services in China to its local partner.”

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