Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone 7 Photos Reveal Major Design Overhaul

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has kept its fans guessing over what the iPhone 7 will offer and what it will look like and numerous leaks have more or less pointed to similar things. The latest images of the device however reveal what most people have been expecting.

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The images made their debut on the website which has a reliable track record. The images suggest that the iPhone maker might include some major design changes. Some of the changes that have been noted include a larger camera and a repositioned flash. The flash on the iPhone 7 will be positioned below the camera rather than on the side of it. Such a change might appear to be minor, but it is significant because it could create more space for the speakers placed on the top edge.

Chassis design reveals more about the next iPhone

The larger camera could also point to a sensor upgrade which will be an important factor for the firm to compete against Samsung. The images of the chassis also suggest that the device will feature the same speakers found in the iPad Pro, which would be a significant improvement to the iPhone. This is because the images show duo speaker vents on the top and bottom of the chassis meaning the iPhone 7 will most likely offer one of the best sound experiences on a handset.

It is not clear whether the revealed chassis is indeed the one that Apple plans to use with the iPhone 7. This is because the firm usually tests out different form factors or designs for every generation of its devices. If that is the case, then the images might just be showcasing one of the external housings that the company is considering for the iPhone 7. Nevertheless, the images showcase what seems to be a well thought-out design that shows promise. The company has however not confirmed whether it has selected the case for the next generation of the iPhone.

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