Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Filemaker 15 To Support 3D Touch And Touch ID

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Filemaker 15 To Support 3D Touch And Touch ID

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) subsidiary Filemaker has released its latest update which aims to make application customization easier through the latest iOS features including Touch ID and 3D Touch without necessitating programming knowledge.

The company recently launched the Filemaker 15 update which aims to fully optimize the Touch ID and 3D Touch features which are the latest features included by Apple on the iPhone 6S. Filemaker tools are ideal for medium-sized firms and small businesses that lack a full-scale IT division. Most businesses require such apps to compete and grow. It makes it easier to develop tailored apps for groups of less than 100 people on various platforms.

According to Andy LeCates, director of solutions consulting at Filemaker, purchasing an app is not an easy matter, and it does not offer flexibility. He also mentioned that coding consumes a lot of time, and it is difficult, thus the need for an alternative solution. The director also noted that the objective of the firm is not to provide large scale enterprise solutions but to create custom apps for unrepeatable procedures.

Some of the new advantages of the recently updated Filemaker include more backing to iBeacons, therefore letting users collect or show data based on proximity within the applications they developed. Users can also gain easy access to web apps through the WebDirect technology on the browsers in their mobile devices offered. It is also easier to optimize the screen size and resolution automatically because the apps are mobile responsive.

Filemaker 15 also has an updated user interface which makes it easier for the user to maneuver. The design tools and templates have been updated and are instantly available to the user. It is possible to import spreadsheets, inventory, asset, and contact management tools for the development of accurate apps. The company also added some security features to hide some sensitive data such as support for SSL certificates, proactive security warnings, and edit boxes.