An All-In-One Bitcoin Cash Social Media App Goes Live

Bitcoin Cash social media app; there are various on the platform so far

There has been quite a sharp increase in the number of social media applications that run on blockchain platforms. Most developers argue that blockchain offers a huge potential for decentralised social media, where users are in charge. In this light, a Bitcoin cash social media app dubbed Hivr is the latest to launch.

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News.Bitcoin.Com notes that there already dozens of social media apps running on the Bitcoin Cash platform. Therefore, Hivr just adds to the crowd. However, the app’s creators argue that Hivr is one unique offering that is nothing like all the existing apps.

The first Bitcoin Cash social media app with all functionalities

Most existing social media apps based on Bitcoin Cash offer few functionalities. For instance, offers native tipping and on-chain data storage, functions that all other apps have. Also, users can broadcast all interactions over the Bitcoin Cash network to a consolidated feed. However, unlike the new app, it does not support instant messaging.

Like all other social media platforms based on blockchain platforms, Hivr offers a non-censorial environment. Here, users can interact anonymously and directly, which is simply utilising the peer-to-peer functionality of blockchain technology.

According to the creators of the newest Bitcoin Cash social media app, the new offering is quite unique. Firstly, Hivr introduces quite a number of novel services that are otherwise common in traditional social sites like Facebook. Like aforementioned, Hivr supports instant messaging.

Unique offering

Another very handy feature is the ability for users to upload media natively. Interestingly, none of the already existing offerings incorporate this feature. Therefore, this puts Hivr closer to traditional social media applications.

Trying to answer the question why they created this new application while there are various other existing, the creators say:

“The short answer to that question is simply ease of use, especially in regards to newer users. The fact is, while existing platforms are great, they either lack key features or are just not well integrated.”

In essence, Hivr brings together great concepts of a traditional social media app with a touch of blockchain. The easy to use platform is user-friendly and would make one forget complicated apps like Minds.

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