Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) Echo Just Got Spotify

Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) Echo Just Got Spotify, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) has finally confirmed the rumors that Spotify premium subscribers can listen to their favorite playlists on Amazon Echo. By simply asking Alexa to play the playlist and genre, enjoying a Spotify catalog is now possible for Amazon Echo users.

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In addition, Amazon Echo supports Spotify Connect which means that users can easily transfer their playlist from their Spotify app to Amazon Echo. This can easily be done by selecting Echo from the list of devices on the Spotify app.

With the new Spotify addition, playing music on Echo is only a voice command away. Spotify subscribers only need to sign into their accounts using the Alexa app on either iOS or Android. After that, they can can control their music using voice commands.

According to Amazon, the new Echo upgrade enables a seamless transition between home and on-the-go listening. It will now be possible for Echo users to hand off their playlist from mobile devices to Echo Speakers and it will automatically continue from where they left off.

Access to more music

These additions have been viewed as a sign for bigger things lined up for Amazon Echo fans as Amazon continues to turn the service into an open-ended platform. In fact, this is a major change in Amazon’s strategy.

While Amazon Prime Music offers more than a million songs, Spotify claims to have more than 30 million songs. With the Spotify inclusion on Echo, users can now enjoy 30 times more songs with only a simple spoken command.

Echo is not the only Amazon segment that got an upgrade. Fire TV has also been upgraded to 2nd generation which includes integration with Amazon Echo. This comes after a long awaited promise by Amazon to include this functionality on their 1st generation set top boxes.