Alphanetworks Launches Video Platform Based On Blockchain And AI

AlphaNetworks has launched a new video platform powered by blockchain and artificial intelligence. The new platform is aiming to take on giants like Alphabet’s (NASDAQ:GOOGL) YouTube and Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) and could mark the start of a new era in blockchain based media, if successful.

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Simplifying video monetization and management

The company has built a digital platform which will offer media companies, content creators and advertisers the applications they need to monetize, manage and analyze their videos. In a statement, AlphaNetworks Founder and CEO Seth Shapiro said that the media industry is currently at a turning point. He noted that an average household is paying for 206 channels but only watches 15 of them.

He raised concerns about the rise of channels for “fake news”. According to Shapiro, TV is no longer the trusted source of news like it was 40 years ago. He adds that there are many great content creators and influencers online but they are yet to make a living from their work. Shapiro said that the new platform will ensure that content creators benefit from their work.

Korean Blockchain Week

The platform will be launched during Korean Blockchain Week during a keynote address on July 22. In the presentation, Shapiro will unveil a “sneak-peak” of AlphaNetworks revolutionary platform.

The presentation will also highlight on the management team of AlphaNetworks. The team has over 25 years of experience in the entertainment industry. Shapiro will take attendees through Alpha Networks superior approach to improving user experience.

AlphaNetworks is a brainchild of some of the leading figures in the entertainment and blockchain industries. Shapiro is an author of ‘Television Vol. 1,’ a leading media consultant, former Governor of the Television Academy and two-time Emmy Award winner.

Some of the members and advisors of the team are former COO of the CW and the WB, John Maatta; former digital head of Sony Jay Samit; former SVP of the company behind blockchain giant EOS, David Moss and President of RadicalMedia, Frank Scherma.

The team is mainly committed to offering higher customer experience, engagement and conversions. The team uses the “Proof of Engagement” (PoE) algorithm, which monitors and reports interactions between advertisers, the media and content creators.

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