Alphabet To Host ‘Startup India’ Live Contest For Start-Ups

Alphabet To Host ‘Startup India’ Live Contest For Start-Ups


Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ: GOOGL) is set to host a live contest it calls ‘Startup India Standup India’ for start-ups In India. The initiative will be launched on January 16 and will include five start-ups, which have been selected by Google.


Three out of the total of five start-ups will be selected through people’s votes. These three will battle in front of a panel, which will be comprised of venture capitalists, global Google leaders and government representatives. The winner of the contest will receive an invitation to Google’s Launchpad Week and Google cloud credits.


The Indian government is supporting the event in order to encourage more startups in the country. The top five start-ups participating are the following:

Reap Benefit

Reap is a social enterprise that was created to provide solutions to local environmental and civic problems including air quality, waste and energy by engaging youth. This enterprise was founded in 2013 and over this period, it has developed several low-cost solutions including weather stations, waterless urinals, and organic enzymes among others.


Guru-G founded in May 2013 this startup converts existing content into adaptive packs. These packs have been developed to provide in-class guidance to teachers on ways to teach different topics. The technology tracks a teacher’s past behavior, practice and student moods to hone better learning experiences for students.

Cardiac Design Labs

Cardiac Designs Labs’ flagship products is the MIRCaM suite, which monitors cardiac events in real time. It is comprised of a body worn unit, a patient’s bedside Unit, a doctor’s terminal mobile app and a physician’s terminal. This provides real time analysis generating an instant alarm whenever an episode is detected.


SlamdunQ was founded in August 2014 with a primary focus on using wearable technology to hone sporting potential. It does this by using a smart watch and smart bands that are already on the market. This device intends to gauge a person’s sporting potential by monitoring body movements and changes.

Sbalabs Pvt. LTD – Jackboy Sense and Kalink

This start-up has the primary aim of repurposing greenhouse carbon emissions to create industrial grade raw material that is used for the printing industry such as paints, pigments, and inks.