AI-Enhanced Digital Exchange Bibox Makes Strategic Investment In Blockchain Platform Bezant

Artificial Intelligence-enhanced digital asset exchange Bibox has made a strategic investment of six-figures in the blockchain-based platform Bezant. The announcement was made by the blockchain network platform for enterprises recently. Both the companies are yet to reveal the exact amount of the investment.

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Bibox to push its role in blockchain field with investment in Bezant

Last month, Bezant managed to fulfill its pre-sale target of $16.8 million in less than two hours after its token sale was opened for participation. Incidentally, there was a huge demand from the participants to fulfill the demand for a $4million pre-sale bonus round after one day.

Even this round concluded in just less than five minutes. As a result, Bezant’s authorities canceled the main token sale so that the network can direct its focus on those strategic investors having relevant experience who can add capital to its platform. According to the CEO of Bibox, Jeffery Lei, ”We are impressed by Bezant’s vision and are keen to partner with their team to push the boundaries of blockchain’s role into mainstream business operations.” He further added that his company sees great potential in the Singapore-based network.

The CEO of Bibox stated that his company is highly selective of the partners it chooses for investment. Bibox thought of investing in Bezant because the company has been founded by heavyweight veterans in the industry who have an excellent track record of developing solutions that fulfill the needs of the real-world. According to Lei, Bibox has the potential to bring a revolution in the blockchain industry which is why his company decided to invest in the blockchain-based platform.

Bezant thrilled to receive investment from Bibox

The Chief Cryptocurrency officer of the blockchain network company, Daesik Kim stated that Bezant is thrilled with the investment from Bibox which is a forefront name in the industry. Kim further added that Bezant has always admired Bibox for their team of experts and offering simple solutions to the users which even a newbie in the cryptocurrency space can easily use.

Bezant’s Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Marketing Officer, Oh Thongsrinoon stated that his network is looking forward to partnering with Bibox as the company will provide great insight to Benzant’s team which is much more valuable than any monetary investment.

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