Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMD) Releases New & More Powerful Processors

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMD) Releases New & More Powerful Processors

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMD) has released new processors that have better performance, functionality and almost silent operations.

Both the new processors, A10-7890K as well as Athlon X4 880K are powerful new options for anybody seeking superior performance for their desktop computers.

The company has developed the fastest Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) ever. This is excellent for users who play games on their PCs as it will permit quicker processing and graphics with much more details.

The company also released its quickest multi-core Athlon, the X4 880K CPU. The new A10-7890K comes with AMD’s Wraith cooler, X4 880K has a new almost silent cooler. The sole difference between the Wraith and the other designs is that the former is illuminated. Both coolers are rated for 125W TDP.

AMD made the following statement; the new AMD A10-7890K is the quickest AMD desktop APU that has been developed. It has 1.02 TFLOPS of speed. It provides high-performance online gaming and almost silent operation. Gamers can play the best online and eSports games with the latest AMD A10-8790K APU. The latter offers smooth frame rates in certain famous online games.

The A10-7890K chip comes at the price of $165. Users can create gaming desktops at under $500 using the new chip. The latter is designed to cater to 3D as well as HD-gaming. Its performance is comparable to the 57-core Xeon Phi 3120P processor that Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) released in 2013. The chip borrows from the Godavari architecture. It has eight Radeon R7 GPU as well as four CPU cores.

The users of the chip have the facility to over clock the CPU to boost performance. AMD provides FX chips to gamers without integrated Graphical Processor Units (GPU). The gamers add graphics cards to the CPUs in desktop computers. Since the GPU incorporate into the A10-7890K, there is no necessity to purchase a graphics card separately.

An improved product portfolio, as well as a greater emphasis on the commercial segment, will assist in boosting AMD’s PC processor market share in the coming years. But the revenue contribution from the Personal Computers will persist to decrease in future as the organization concentrates other growth markets. These include processors for dense server and embedded solutions, professional graphics, semi-custom as well as ultra-low power purposes.