Zhaopin Ltd (NYSE:ZPIN): Chinese Workers Complain Of Lack Of Promotion And Poor Sex Life

Zhaopin Ltd

A good number of white-collar workers were not satisfied by their jobs or personal lives last year, according to a new report by Zhaopin Ltd (NYSE:ZPIN). Limited promotion opportunities, as well as a lack of vacations, are some of the factors detailed in the White Collar Workers Satisfaction Index report that shows how disgruntled workers are in China.

White Collar Workers Dissatisfaction

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Zhaopin in its study measured white-collar workers satisfaction at work by taking into consideration a number of factors including welfare, training promotion as well as salary. Satisfaction in personal lives was measured by analyzing workers sex life, reading, family time, and psychological wellbeing.

According to the study satisfaction index for both work and personal lives for 2016 stood at 2.33 and 2.34 out of five for both. Most of the white-collar workers surveyed reiterated their outrage on minimal promotion opportunities, 80% of the respondents having not moved a ladder up on their workstations.

Promotion remains an important consideration for workers in China planning to move from one job to another. According to Zhaopin, a good number of White-collar workers in the country have high expectations for promotion with any job change as the same always leads to better salaries.

Workers with salaries less than RMB2,000 remain the least satisfied with their jobs, with the minority few above RMB25,000 remaining the most satisfied. In the 34 cities, surveyed workers in emerging second tier cities such as Guiyang, Jinan and Dalian continue to enjoy high job satisfaction given the improved job opportunities.

Poor Sex Life

For the fourth consecutive year, it appears that a majority of white-collar workers remain dissatisfied by their sexual activity level. Zhaopin study found that more than half of the respondents had sex, less than once a month in 2016, mostly as a result of being tied to work commitments. Given that almost 40% did not take, any vacation during the year all but exacerbated the dissatisfaction levels.

The low satisfaction in the Chinese labor market does not come as a surprise as it reflects employee’s high expectations both at work and at home.

Zhaopin stock was down by 2.20% in Thursday trading session closing the day at $15.98 a share.

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