Women Take To Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) To Talk About Sexual Harassment After Trump Comment

Twitter Inc

Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s comment about his ability as a star to grab women by their privates without their protest has led to an outrage and provoked women to talk about sexual harassment on the Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) microblogging platform.

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Trump’s comments might have caused Trump some damage on his candidacy. A Canadian writer known as Kelly Oxford has encouraged women to open up on Twitter about their sexual harassment experiences, though it is unclear how Trump’s comment is related to harassment per se. Oxford described her first encounter with sexual harassment when she was 12 years old. She described five other incidences where she has been the victim of sexual assault.

Kelly Oxford’s attempt to get women to speak out against such assaults received an overwhelming response with more than 10 million women tweeting about their experiences, though it is unclear how many of these experiences detailed actual violations of rights over one’s own body. Oxford claims that she received an average of 50 tweets per minute in a period of 14 hours. Most of the women that responded described their sexual assault stories when they were minors.

“Anyone denying rape culture, look at my timeline now,”said Oxford.

Oxford claims that she was saddened by the many stories that women disclosed through the turnout but she was also happy that they opened up about it. It was an opportunity to finally highlight one of the most prevalent issues that women often feel they go through.

The Twitter movement also highlights the importance of social media platforms as important mediums for spreading awareness about various concerns. The fact that women spoke out on Twitter reveals the pervasiveness of the matter.

Twitter stock closed the latest trading session at $19.85, down by $0.02 or 0.10% compared to the closing price in the previous trading session.

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