WinMiner Wants You To Make Money Mining Crypto

While most crypto enthusiasts make money through crypto trading, WinMiner wants people to be able to earn through mining, too. In an interview with CryptoGlobe, the WinMiner team stated that they are interested in opening up “the complicated world of cryptocurrency mining to the masses.” Through their platform, the firm hopes to address the increasing centralization of crypto mining.

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According to comments made during the interview, the company wants to make sure the dream of blockchain remains on course. They say that they want to “prevent the once-idealistic world of cryptocurrency from losing the democratic, open and fair system it was designed to foster.”

The company notes that the process of mining has gradually moved into the ownership of a handful of people. They further observe that there is risk of the crypto-coins becoming corporatized. Therefore, as per the company, since digital tokens are created everyday, it is crucial that the process “does not become a monopolized element of blockchain technology.”

Mining requires a lot of computer resources and power

WinMiner wants to provide a platform that is simple. One that even the tech-averse can feel comfortable utilizing. According to the WinMiner team, crypto mining costs have become increasingly steep. At the same time, there are some coins that require a very high amount of power. To this end, WinMiner is considering future versions that optimize the exercise by enabling users to customize the platform.

The cost of mining is getting higher while the market price of the coins is falling. The result of this is that many people will stop mining, increasing mining costs as the supply of miners diminishes. In this view, the team at WinMiner intends to simplify further the mining process so that it can remain profitable.


The company has worked to solve one of the major limitations of the cryptocurrency market, volatility. To this end, the platform has organized users’ account balances “in a language they understand.” According to Ariel Yarnitsky, WinMiner co-founder, “the account balance is in U.S. dollars so users can know exactly how much they have earned, and their earnings do not suddenly shrink when crypto prices tumble.”

The co-founder adds that, “A real-time earnings estimate for each user is displayed on the software and the remote dashboard, providing visibility and full user control anywhere.”

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