Windstream Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:WIN) Inks Deal of First SD-WAN Reseller Partner

BCN Telecom has teamed up with Windstream Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:WIN) to offer software-defined wide area networking solutions in its nationwide product suite. The New Jersey based technology service provider becomes Windstream first reseller partner.

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SD-WAN is currently available to reseller partners throughout the country, designed to relieve the demanding pressures on overburdened networks. The addition according to BCN’s chief operating officer, Julian Jacquez, should complement the company’s internet access and data network service portfolio.

The integration should also put BCN at the forefront of reseller partners in the SD-WAN market allowing it to support unique and changing business needs.

“We have the utmost confidence in Wind stream’s ability to expertly support our team and our agent partners in delivering the many benefits SD-WAN technology will bring to our enterprise customers,” said Mr. Jacquez

Windstream Wholesale vice president Melissa Cook expects SD-WAN to help BCN gain a competitive edge with the market and with its clients.

SD-WAN Solution

Windstream Wholesale’s SD-WAN solution is designed to create a smart responsive network able to accommodate the shifts in bandwidth demand by routing traffic over public and private networks. Reseller partners like BCN should be able to manage networks and remote devices from a single cloud based interface instead of having to use routers firewalls or switches.

The comprehensive management tool will allow BCN and other reseller partners to optimize the performance of end users applications as well as the value of added service offering of fill integrated service portfolio.

Healthcare Sector Push

BCN partnership builds on a similar partnership with a national urgent care provider that has also selected Windstream holdings to provide managed SD-WAN fiber and broadband services. Windstream SD-WAN solution has proved to be reliable in transforming how healthcare providers design and manage networks thus giving increased network agility and optimized performance.

Healthcare providers are increasingly selecting Windstream Holdings given the credibility of its solutions and strength of its local support team. Healthcare providers are also selecting the company because of its ability it support current and emerging needs in the sector.

Windstream Holdings was down by 4.48% in Thursday’s trading session to end the day at $1.92 a share.

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