Williams Martini Racing Focuses On Blockchain In A Bid To Gain Edge On Competition

Williams Martini Racing has outlined that it is considering the adoption of blockchain technology in a bid to deliver a competitive advantage. Williams was founded way back in 1977 by Frank Williams.

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An outlook on progress made so far

It was a moment of great pride when Williams won 16 FIA Formula One World Championships and the wins help it enjoy a significant global following. Reports indicate there will always be about a billion people tuning into the Formula One races each time they are held.

A person well conversant with the latest developments but who wanted his identity shielded disclosed that the team has started looking into ways in which it could employ blockchain technology in its operations.

He delved deeper into the matter to reveal that it was collaborating with Omnitude which is an enterprise middleware technology provider towards the exploration of the various ways in which blockchain could be implemented across the operations of the team in what is currently being deemed a data-driven environment.

The perspective of the leaders

Deputy Team Principal of Williams Martini Racing, Claire Williams, recently gave her views regarding the matter. She said that Williams was ready to embrace any opportunity of striking a progressive business partnership.

She termed Omnitude a great partner saying they would be doing much together in line with showcasing radical new technologies with the power to spark transformations in most of the businesses around the globe.

CEO and founder of Omnitude, Chris Painter, said that they were quite pleased about the new deal saying that it was an honor partnering with Williams since it was a validation of their product and vision.

Williams has emerged as the first F1 team to make the pronouncement regarding the employment of Blockchain technology. The future looks brighter considering that a lot of companies will be able to adopt blockchain in their business operations and in the long run we will be experiencing adoption on a mass scale.

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