What’s New In Fresh Leaks Of Blackberry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) Next Smartphones?

Fresh leaks appear to back earlier rumors that Blackberry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) is busy building two additional Android smartphones. What is interesting from the latest leaks is that the names of those devices might be different from what was previously expected when they launch.

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For example, the device that was earlier rumored to be going by the name Hamburg could end up being called Neon. The other device that was thought to be called Vienna could end up with Rome as its brand name. But besides the name changes, a few more interesting details have emerged from the latest leaks of the two Blackberry phones in the pipeline.

What’s in Hamburg/Neon?

Freshly leaked images of Hamburg show the device to be strikingly similar to Alcatel Idol 4. If true, it could be the result of the partnership between BlackBerry and Alcatel’s patent company called TCL. The two companies were said to be in talks to give one of Alcatel’s handsets a BlackBerry brand.

Reports emerging later after the supposed collaboration between Blackberry and TCL showed certification details for a device called DTEK-50 with model number STH100-2. BlackBerry’s flagship Android smartphone BlackBerry Priv has model number STH100-1. Other details from the latest leaks suggest that Blackberry may deviate from its iconic QWERTY keyboard in Hamburg. But it could also be that the device is equipped with a dual keyboard such as the Priv that has both software-based and physical keyboards.

Photo rendering of Hamburg showed that it could have dimensions of 146mm x 78mm, which if true means it is a fairly large device. It is speculated that BlackBerry could price Hamburg below $400, making it cheaper than Priv that goes for $650.

What about Rome?

Rome could be the new Vienna. Leaks of the device show that it will come with a physical keyboard. Rome looks nearly exactly like the BlackBerry Passport save for the fact that it is rectangular in shape while Passport is square. The latest leaks about Rome largely confirm earlier leaks, but there are no details about its possible pricing.

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