IBM (NYSE:IBM) Watson AI Isn’t A Perfect Replacement For Video Editors

The stock of IBM Common Stock (NYSE:IBM) closed at $144.86 gaining 1.69% in yesterday’s trading session. This happens to be the 28th year that the provider is undertaking the sponsorship of the US Open to woo clients and the press. The point of concern has been on whether or not the company’s Watson AI could serve as a perfect replacement of the video editors at the US Open.

Nathaniel Wice, a Barron’s contributor has been putting a close eye on IBM’s annual data demo at the US Open. It was on Wednesday that he discovered that Watson was set to discover the best moments associated with tennis game play.

The various video editors are given room through the impressive technology, where they are able to execute the changes that they deem necessary. The ESPN broadcast feed for cheering and for player gestures was analyzed by Watson, along with the essence of the point in the match. The main target is to calculate a rankable “excitement Score” for each of the video clips.

Experts observe the identification of the big come-from-behind break point or electrifying rally as a crucial matter. That is in line with the process of giving an appropriate demonstration of the numerous IBM capabilities which might at some point come out as quite useful. A perfect case scenario would be that point where a particular manufacturer or retailer would get to learn from either the shop-floor activity or the aisle traffic.

The ongoing gameplay in the context of eight years of the Grand Slam Tennis data is something that the Watson’s nascent artificial intelligence uses while making stabs at the strategic commentary. The changing times are pulling a long with numerous changes, one of them being the use of sports to achieve particular goals.

One analyst that has been following closely on the company’s progress stated, “Watson was compiling odd highlights for Venus Williams until the IBM team realized Watson thought that Venus was pumping her fist in victory when she was merely reaching in between games for a towel.”

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