Verseon‘s New Blockchain Technology Aims To Transform Global Investment Landscape

Verseon‘s New Blockchain Technology Aims To Transform Global Investment Landscape

Verseon’s wholly-owned subsidiary BlockRules Ltd. is coming out with a new transformative blockchain technology that could help transform the global investment landscape. This blockchain initiative aims to help both pharma and biotechnology companies to generate funds and increase the speed of life-saving developments. The company aims to apply this technology to tokenized securities.

BlockRules to support sale, launch and trading on public blockchain

Verseon established BlockRules Ltd. in 2002 with the aim of building disruptive technologies and products for advancements in global healthcare. With the launch of this new technology, the company is challenging the funding models that pharma companies traditionally use for drug development. For the purpose of funding, the company will use the process of tokenization of securities.

With the new BlockRules technology, users can sell, launch, and trade securities on a blockchain platform. The technology is multijurisdictional regulatory compliant integrated directly on the network supported by the blockchain. Apart from supporting decentralized trading which is a common feature of all blockchain platforms BlockRules also offers additional features. The breakthrough technology permits fully secure, regulated, and transparent support of securities.

BlockRules technology and regulatory hurdles

BlockRules’ technology design complies with all current security regulations thereby overcoming all potential regulatory hurdles. The CEO of Verseon, Adityo Prakash stated, “We founded Verseon with the goal of developing new technologies to advance the discovery and development of new medicines. By democratizing investment access with blockchain technology, we will change the way new medicines and other life-science innovations are funded and how the resulting proceeds are shared.”

As of now, there are many companies and startups that are ready to adopt the fast developing blockchain community. BlockRules is ready to offer its technology platforms to such companies and encourage them by confirming regulatory certainty on its blockchain network. The company’s main aim is to come up with safer and relevant investment opportunities for the global investment community.

According to the founding partner of Woodford Investment Management, Neil Woodford, recent advancements in this field have narrowed the gap between investors and innovators. Woodford believes that the innovations by Verseon in the blockchain space have the potential to address certain traditional loopholes and can help in making the market more efficient.