The Verge Editor Hired Secretly By Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)

Chris Ziegler, an editor at The Verge has been secretly working for Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) for the last two months following a job offer from the iPhone maker.

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Ziegler has been working at Apple for two months after accepting a job offer from the tech giant in July. Despite accepting the job offer, Ziegler still remained part of the technology magazine. Nilay Patel, the Editor in chief and co-founder of The Verge has only just announced that Ziegler has left The Verge.

Patel accused Ziegler of being very negligent by not informing anyone at the technology magazine that he had been offered a job at Apple. The editor in chief also revealed that Ziegler continued to carry out editorial duties even after he accepted the new job. His role at the Verge was to offer guidance on technology coverage as well as making editorial decisions.

“The circumstances of Chris’ departure from The Verge raised ethical issues which are worth disclosing in the interests of transparency and respect for our audience,” stated Patel.

The co-founder also stated that the circumstances were serious enough to arouse disclosure concerns but his firm was confident that the situation did not have any impact on journalism. Patel claims that the Verge did not find out about his new position at Apple until early September. The magazine has also faced a lot of questions as to why they were not in contact with Patel for about six weeks. Patel, however, claims that they tried contacting Ziegler and that he was removed from his position at The Verge as soon as the Verge found out about his new position at Apple.

Apple has not issued any statements regarding the matter. It is also not clear what position Ziegler was offered by the iPhone maker. Patel stated that a probe has been launched to determine whether his double employment had any impact on how The Verge reported news during that time.

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