Valassis Communications, Inc. (NYSE:VCI) And Acxiom Corporation (NASDAQ:ACXM) Aim To Deliver On Post-Campaign Analytics For Marketers

The demand for post-campaign analytics by marketers has occasioned the coming together of Valassis Communications, Inc. (NYSE:VCI) and Acxiom Corporation (NASDAQ:ACXM) to enhance driving desired and improved results. The decision by the duo will facilitate the making of an informed choice by marketers and will also aid in the creation of greater efficiencies in giving the full view of the customer.

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There is an explosive growth in advertising, a move that is slowly giving consumers a chance to interact with multiple media channels as they carry out their purchase. Besides, marketers can identify the critical touch points that will enhance the development of successful plans. It is a plus for them given that they have the biggest burden of building a program using uneven data from an array of sources.

The new pact will provide data intelligence on consumers the likes of what channels and ads they use to engage in whenever they link online or offline data.

Optimization of the client’s investment is becoming the art of the day according to Jay Wofsy, the Managing Director and Sales VP at Pointlogic. Hence the rising need for advertising capabilities, planning, and media buying.

The quality of Acxiom’s data has been held in high regard by marketers and advertisers for more than 40 years. It powers more than a trillion transactions by use of leading industry tools which enables better results for it’s over 7,000 global clients. It has been at the forefront of innovation in harnessing data collection and uses for strengthening connection between people, businesses, and their partners.

Acxiom’s president and general manager of the Marketing Services Division, Dennis Self says that the partnership is of the essence because the two companies have a common goal of creating a connected marketing world. It is expected to bring forth value to Valassis’ advertising clients given their combined power. The over 58,000 customers will experience expanded capabilities which may eventually improve their overall marketing efficiency since they are riding on innovative media solutions.

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