ULTRALIFE CORPORATION (NASDAQ:ULBI) Files An 8-K Financial Statements and Exhibits

ULTRALIFE CORPORATION (NASDAQ:ULBI) Files An 8-K Financial Statements and Exhibits
Item 9.01 of Form 8-K.

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This Amendment is being filed solely to amend and supplement the Original Form 8-K to include the audited historical financial statements of SWE and unaudited pro forma financial information in accordance with the requirements of Item 9.01 of Form 8-K. This Amendment effects no other changes to the Original Form 8-K. The financial statements and unaudited pro forma financial information filed hereto should be read in conjunction with the Original Form 8-K.

Item 9.01 Financial Statements, Pro Forma Financials and Exhibits

Audited consolidated financial statements of SWE for the twelve-month period ended December 31, 2018 are attached hereto as Exhibit 99.2 and incorporated herein by reference. 

Unaudited pro forma condensed combined financial information as of and for the year ended December 31, 2018 is attached hereto as Exhibit 99.3 and incorporated herein by reference.

* Previously filed with Form 8-K filed May 2, 2019


EX-23.1 2 ex_149469.htm EXHIBIT 23.1 ex_149469.htm Exhibit 23.1   CONSENT OF INDEPENDENT REGISTERED PUBLIC ACOUNTING FIRM   We consent to the incorporation by reference in the Registration Statements on Form S-8 (Nos. 333-117662,…
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Ultralife Corporation offers products and services ranging from power solutions to communications, and electronics systems. The Company designs and manufactures power and communications systems, including rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries, charging systems, communications and electronics systems. It operates through two segments: Battery & Energy Products and Communications Systems. The Battery & Energy Products segment includes lithium 9-volt, cylindrical and various other non-rechargeable batteries, in addition to rechargeable batteries, uninterruptable power supplies, charging systems and accessories, such as cables. The Communications Systems segment includes radio frequency (RF) amplifiers, power supplies, amplified speakers, equipment mounts, case equipment, man-portable systems, communication systems for fixed or vehicle applications, and communications and electronics systems design. Its brands are Ultralife Batteries, Lithium Power, McDowell Research, AMTI and ABLE.

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