Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR), Facebook, Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Say They Won’t Accommodate Fake Users

For Facebook, Inc (NASDAQ:FB), anonymous accounts have become an issue of great concern and most of the social media companies are being obliged to ban them once and for all.

They have been given a window to do it on their own accord. However, failure to do it voluntarily might trigger government regulators to intervene and eventually force them to do so. Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) and Facebook have issued a statement stating that they hadn’t allowed fake users on their platforms.

Nicole Mincey will be remembered as a fake African American identity that helped sell Trump-related merchandise online. This came up as a section of the enterprise back up by pro-Trump social media posts from a series of fake accounts representing persons whose backgrounds appealed to the potential buyers.

Trump’s re-tweet had reportedly triggered the owner of the photo stock to critically look into the matter and it was after this that the scam blew up. The revelation has sent a lot of people raising major concerns. It is difficult to tell how many other anti-Trump and pro-Trump accounts on Facebook and Twitter can be trusted.

Most experts have been have been trying to figure out exactly which of the famous internet echo chambers are real. A large number of people have been misled by the various purveyors of fake opinions. Such purveyors have always been motivated by their great inclination to selling a bootlegged MAGA cap.

As a matter of fact, the German story has much to do with a re-tweet by Justice Minister Heiko Maas. A recently posted video by Maas this week showed Shahak Shapira, who happens to be an Israeli-born musician and satirist living in Berlin unveiling a controversial matter.

The musician outlined that he flagged almost 300 tweets which according to him were in violation of Germany’s hate speech laws to Twitter. The company refuted the allegation that the posts went against the policy of the platform.

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