TronWallet Adds New Security Features To Its Mobile TRX Wallet

TRON adds support for Fingerprint, Face ID and Touch ID to TronWallet

TRON (TRX) has released new features to its TronWallet that comprise a Touch ID, Face ID and Fingerprint for its IOS and Android wallets. TRON is a blockchain-based decentralized internet infrastructure and released the feature to help secure its peer to peer crypto wallet, TronWallet.

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Recently, TRON foundation announced an official release of over 29 languages support built in feature for its wallet. The languages would enable it to cover a wider global audience. The cryptocurrency firm has also been performing exceptionally well in exchange markets and the crypto community as well.

The much awaited protection features are meant to capture the trust of its users as well as attract more users to TRON.

Tron has accounted for significant growth since the launch of its Mainnet System. The firm’s mission to decentralize the internet seems to mark another milestone. The TRON network has crossed the 400,000 mark and witnessed huge amounts of daily transactions. The overall performance and goal in decentralizing the internet was to remove middlemen across the network and promote blockchain technology.

It is also worth noting that TRON’s protocol is simple to integrate and efficient for the development and growth of decentralized applications (dApps). The new features are among key plans to expand TronWallet’s user base after rapid expansion of the TRON ecosystem.


The first of TronWallet was Android version while the IOS version was delayed for some fixing. The IOS followed and was released later last month. The new features will enable mobile device users of the wallet to leverage built-in functionalities of their mobile devices with protection features.

The initial features that came with the first release of the TronWallet comprised of zero fees, a fully decentralized peer to peer wallet, support for all Tron operations, simplicity and push notifications. The app was developed by gett/IO Inc upon AWS, javascript and blockchain technologies. To speed up the development phases of both apps, TRON foundation handed the team $200,000.

Content streaming is predicted to have market cap of over $30 billion by the year 2022. It also predicted by industry analyses that the entire content delivery industry, especially the entertainment industry which will have attained a market worth of $2 trillion. It means that a distributed channel is of greater importance especially where the end user wants to eliminate middlemen. It is not by chance that the media industry is lucrative given the number of distribution middlemen. The Tron foundation and a number of other decentralized blockchain companies are prepared to usher in the next phase of the content delivery revolution.

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