Tron Users Will Now Be Able To Make Payments Through Twitter

Over the last few months, Tron (TRX-USD), the world’s eleventh largest cryptocurrency, has been making headlines within the crypto sector. The currency successfully managed to move out of the Ethereum blockchain after launching its own blockchain called Mainnet. Additionally, the project unveiled its Virtual machine to users. There are several other projects still under implementation.

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Over months, Tron has also signed a few partnerships and secured listings on major platforms. Recently, it unveiled its App on Android called TronWallet. The app is expected to launch on iOS in the near future.

Improving customers’ experience

Tron is heavily investing in improving the experience of its users. The company is in the news again after it signed a partnership with its payment platform Seedit to allow Twitter (NASDAQ:TWTR) users to make payments with the token. The partnership is meant to enable people to send Tron payment through social media platforms.

Seedit took to Twitter and announced that it has been tested in executing payment from social media platforms and will be launched soon. The company went on and said that users will now be able to send Tron payments to their favorite musicians, bloggers, authors, friends and family.

Seedit a big success so far

Seedit is the brainchild of Sesameseed, a Tron Super Representative based in Los Angeles. Since its launch, the platform has been implementing measures meant to expand its user base. Recently, the platform launched on Telegram. The company’s end goal is to offer Tron investors, holders and traders,a seamless experience when sending Tron tokens.

To execute the new plan, Seedit will use a set of instructions that will allow Tron transactions on social media platforms like Twitter, Telegram, Kakao and Reddit. The firm posted a video online explaining that the whole process of making a wallet has been simplified. Users will only be required to send payments to a new user so as to automatically create a new wallet.

Seedit generates a wallet and private key, which allows users to have full control of their accounts through social media platforms. This enables them to easily, quickly and securely send payments.

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