Tron To Delay Launch Of New Secret Project Called Project Atlas

About a month ago, Tron (TRX-USD) announced that it was working on a secret project which it planned to launch on July 30 but it looks like the TRX community might just have to wait a bit longer for the launch.

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The highly anticipated launch looks like it will take place sometime in the future but the company did make sure that it launched a beta version of its virtual machine. Project Atlas is expected to help strengthen the Tron platform and also strengthen the Tron network and also help the Tron cryptocurrency to achieve more efficiency. The organization plans to achieve this through the integration of Tron and BitTorrent.

The foundation also plans to use the Tron protocol to increase the lifespan of the BitTorrent swarms while also researching the potential of increasing the speed of the BitTorrent protocol. Tron founder Justin Sun teased the launch of the project during a live stream event held in June, revealing a scheduled launch for July 30. Following the announcement, most Tron users though that the announcement was related to Sun’s acquisition of BitTorrent.

“I hope the integration of TRON and BitTorrent will allow both parties to work better as one in the future,” stated Sun a while back.

The impact of the integration between Tron and BitTorrent

Sun is convinced that the development will give the Tron network an edge over the Ethereum (ETH-USD) network as far as daily transactions are concerned. He also believes that the move puts Tron on a path towards becoming the most influential public blockchain globally. Meanwhile, the Tron Virtual Machine (TVM) which Tron has been working on is expected to be a game changer. The launch of the beta version will allow users to test it before its official launch which is expected to take place on August 30.

The launch of TVM is expected to take place after Tron completes its mainnet upgrade. Sun also revealed that the new project will not be related to any mining projects and that it should also not have any negative repercussions on BitTorrent users. In any case, the integration should contribute towards improving online content settlement.

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