Tron Coin’s Crypto Listed On Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Store

With the highly anticipated launch of MainNet just a few days away, Tron coin is partnering with vSport to develop the sports platform that will be powered by blockchain and will be used for football. The announcement comes just a few weeks before this year’s World Cup. In addition to unveiling the Virtual Machine, Tron coin has also announced that it is being added to Apple Stock App. This was announced by the founder of Tron, Justin Sun.

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Apple has been an ardent supporter of blockchain technology

This is not the first time Apple is coming out to support a blockchain-based project. In the past, it has added several cryptocurrencies like Qtum, BTC and XRP to its platform. Thus by adding TRX to its network, the company will be placing the coin on the global market by spreading information about its market cap values and prices among other things to potential investors.

The Virtual Machine is expected to increase efficiency in the manner in which transactions are conducted. Additionally, it will make transactions more secure and scalable. After the launch of MainNet, Tron coin will shift all its transactions to TVM. In addition, the TVM has several others features that users will find useful. These include being light in weight, very secure, able to mult-task, compatible and developer friendly. All these will contribute in offering users with a deserved decentralized experience.

Tron’s partnership with vSport

In yet another milestone development, Tron has announced that it is partnering with vSport to launch the biggest sports platform that will be powered by blockchain technology. This will be the first and largest blockchain project that is focused on football. Sun shared the news on Twitter saying the alliance will leverage blockchain technology in order to solve some of the pressing issues in the sports industry and soccer in particular.

This partnership seems to have come at the right time with the 2018 FIFA World Cup just weeks away to kick off. With football and FIFA commanding a huge following, the initiative is expected to gather a lot of momentum and may soon see a price increase.

Bitcoin (BTC-USD) is currently trading at $7,143.70, down by (-1.33) %.

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