Trackloop, Sigma to Build Tracking Platform for Cannabis Testing


Trackloop Analytics (OTCQB: TLOOF) has announced that it is working with Sigma Analytical Services to build a tracking platform for the cannabis industry.

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The cannabis industry currently needs a system to address the complexities of testing for cannabinoid and terpene potency, which includes trace microbial and chemical contaminants such as pesticides, heavy metals and residual solvents.

The system will assist in establishing standards maintaining traceability and staying ahead of increasing regulatory requirements. Traceability of inventory for mandatory testing limits, quality assurance and control, is the critical challenge involved in bringing products through the testing and reporting cycle to compliance under the Canadian Cannabis Act.

Tracking System for Cannabis

The companies have signed a letter of intent to jointly develop and demonstrate the first fully-integrated hardware/software track and trace platform for cannabis bioanalytical chemistry testing.

Trackloop says this initiative is the first pilot-scale effort in Canada for testing its traceability module in a lab environment for the cannabis industry. The project builds on the company’s existing platform supporting full functionalities for tracking and traceability of goods and enterprises along the supply-chain, from seed to sale. The platform is becoming a reliable source for end-to-end monitoring of urban delivery operations for temperature sensitive products, including cannabis.

Built on Trackloop’s recent integration with METRC and their extended network of cannabis processors and distributors in California, the joint development will generate customized traceability and documentation modules for the cannabis industry. The initiative will set the requirements for tracking and traceability for other cannabis testing labs to follow.

Sigma Focuses on Cannabis Labs

Sigma has several existing strategic partnerships with major analytical instrument providers and testing labs in California and Oregon.

The company is also expanding internationally and is about to start more cannabis labs in other countries. When completed, the project has extensive channels to roll out from the pilot-scale to full adaptation by major players in the cannabis industry as well as a wider analytical testing industry.

“Quality testing is an important step in the process for both producers and consumers of cannabis. Sigma are leaders in cannabis science and we are excited to be working with them to develop what will be, the standard for the transparent tracking of cannabis throughout the testing process,” Trackloop Chief Technology Officer Zayn Kalyan states.

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