The Increasing Problem of Substance Abuse by Traders

The Increasing Problem of Substance Abuse by Traders

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Drug abuse is rampant in many different demographics, including the wealthy and those who trade for them. There was even a major film about a stockbroker who went too far in the 80’s and 90’s, The Wolf of Wall Street. Drug abuse was heavily featured in that true story, and though it took place in the past, today the situation is no different. With an unending access network, drugs will continue to be readily available, and this is something everyone must be aware of. When investing for the future, it is not in any investor’s best interest to hand over control of his or her assets to just anyone.

With the wave of cannabis legalization, the nation’s viewpoint is evolving as the drug is accepted in the mainstream like alcohol. There are, however,  plenty of dangerous substances, narcotics, plants, and synthetic drugs that have proven time and again to be deadly. So, how does an investor know if his trader is using drugs? The only way to be sure is to drug test them, at least upon hire. Hiring someone gives an employer the right to drug test those working for him as he deems necessary. Drug testing companies, such as Test Country, provide a variety of options to accommodate diverse drug testing needs.

The market trading industry is full of ups and downs, gains and losses, and traders could suddenly find themselves turning to substances to cope with the stress.. For those in this rollercoaster of a profession, it can be a dangerous, slippery slope that absolutely needs a broader sense of awareness. It can also be seen in the auto sales industry, where new and well-equipped sales agents start to make a lot of money, quite suddenly, and then turn to drugs because of either boredom or anxiety over their newfound wealth. Statistia offers a variety of charts that assess global drug use with data as late as 2017, giving different examples of drug use within several parameters for comparison.

With all this abuse, it can prove difficult to know if one’s traders are on the path to drug abuse. The easiest way to get a real-time accurate read on a test, is from a saliva drug test. This is ideal for smaller scale operations who want to cut costs and decrease turnaround time as well. A simple swab test can provide accurate results in real time, on the spot, and without the need for privacy.

Saliva testing is isolated to recent exposure, within 12 hours up to 3 days for all the drugs on the 5-panel test. It is interesting to note here that New York City is working on legislation to remove cannabis from the 5-panel test for both employment and probation. This is something to consider as well when in a larger area that has already legalized the drug. There may be other drugs to consider testing for as well, with a variety of other test kits for singular substances and a wider panel of prescription drugs.

Another option is urine testing cups, which provide results in minutes. There are comprehensive tests that allow the detection of several prescription drugs that are often over prescribed and much more addictive than the public is led to believe. The detection period is also longer than with saliva tests. Studies show that testing employees before hiring eliminates those struggling with this path of addiction and shows a commitment to drug-free policies.

Drug abuse is a growing, nationwide problem, and traders and salespeople are also often the ones who play high stakes games. It can be thrilling for a while, but unfortunately, statistics show the crash is inevitable, jeopardizing lives and money. Along with those experiences, getting high on drugs is often what follows, in order to sleep after a long night or to stay awake the next day. In some instances, traders may have physical ailments and may be given an opioid-based pain medication, increasing their chances of a drug addiction as a result. It is a never-ending, dangerous, cycle.

As one can see, there are a variety of drugs which are readily available that can potentially ruin a trader’s life and their clients’ fortune and future. It’s important for all to note that smart investing starts with investing in people. A solid relationship of accountability between trader and investor helps ensure drugs are not used as an escape route. Drug testing also wards off potential dangers ahead in the financial sector for the protection of both investors and their investments.

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