Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) Sued By Model S owners In Norway

Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) is facing a lawsuit filed by Tesla Model S owners in Norway who claim that the vehicle is not fast enough.

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The lawsuit was filed by 126 Norwegians who own the Model S P85D on grounds that the vehicle produces 469 hp rather than 691 hp as claimed by the company. A legal representative of the suing party revealed some more details of the lawsuit to Bloomberg.

“The vehicle has too low horsepower…And of course, it affects the car’s performance, according to the consumers.”

This is not the first time that Tesla has faced questions about its claim. Similar claims about the company delivering less power than initially promised were brought forward about a year ago. The claims also said that Tesla had been offering vehicles with less power than initially advertised. It is believed that the figures appear wrong because engineers at Tesla add together the power output of the two electric motors.

Tesla has rejected the claims purported in the lawsuit. The company claims that the vehicle meets the requirements as measured by the authorities. A Tesla spokesperson responded to Fortune on the matter.

“Testing done by Tesla and independent third parties has demonstrated that the Model S P85D’s acceleration and motor power numbers have always been accurate, even understated.”

The spokesperson also stated that the power output of the vehicles was confirmed by the European regulatory authorities. The lawsuit filed by the Norwegians is one of the numerous lawsuits that Elon Musk is facing due to misinterpreted marketing information. A previous lawsuit filed by Gao Jubin in China claims that the company exaggerated its autopilot features through its marketing campaign. This was after the death of Jubin’s son during a car crash when the Autopilot feature was on.

Tesla stock closed the latest trading session at $18.71, a $0.38 or 2.07% improvement compared to the value of the stock in the previous close. The stock had a trading volume of 3.7 million shares.

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