Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA): 60% Of Americans ‘Never Heard Of Electric Cars’


Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) might be sending shockwaves in the electric car space but as it stands 60% of Americans don’t have any idea about electric cars according to a new study. The same might come as a surprise given that most innovations on this front spearheaded by Tesla have been done in the U.S.

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Electric Cars Skepticism

Altman Vilandrie & Company says that on carrying out a survey on 2,557 Americans, 60% of them said they have ‘never heard of electric vehicles.’ Those who have a slight knowledge about EV, on the other hand, expressed their skepticism about their viability going forward.

Charging stations, which Tesla has invested a great deal on in the recent past according to most of the people surveyed, could pose significant challenges on the adoptions of EV cars in future. Lack of sufficient charging stations according to 85% of the respondents is the main reason why they will not be buying the fossil fuel free cars anytime soon.

Moe Kelley Altman Vilandrie director believes automaker need to invest a great deal on low priced electric cars if they are to spark strong demand in the market.

“While the EV adoption rate is low, there are signs of strong latent demand in the marketplace. The auto industry still needs to make more low-priced models available to consumers as well as finding a way for more drivers to try out an EV. If those things happen, we should see the EV adoption rate accelerate,” Kelley in a statement.

Affordable Electric Cars

Tesla has so far dominated the electric car space with its premium models. In a bid to attract more sales, the pioneer of electric cars has launched Model 3 that will go for $35,000. Once the car goes on sale it is expected to accelerate the adoption rate of electric cars given that the same will come with self-driving features.

Making electric and self-driving cars affordable is the only way automakers will be able to make consumers excited about owning them at the expense of fuel guzzlers in future.

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