Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) Resurrects Its Free Supercharging Program For Its Models S & X

Photo: Model S/Creative Commons

Anyone buying a Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) Model S or Model X will be entitled to a year’s worth of free charging. The offer runs through July 31. However, those consumers who may have ordered their vehicles and have not received them will also be entitled to the offer, which was reinstated in the US in May.

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In January, Tesla had indicated that its free Supercharging program would only be 400-kilowatt hours annually. This was one of the greatest perks of owning a Tesla electric vehicle. However, this was not to last because the program went away almost immediately but now it’s back.

But there are a few catches

The unlimited supercharging is back through the referral program and it’s aimed at differentiating between the S/X and the Model 3. The perk is also meant to strike a chord with consumers while reminding them that the S/X is still worth the higher price tag.

The Model S/X is expected to have better technology and performance compared to the more affordable mass-market Model 3. However, access to the unlimited Supercharger program has a few demands that the consumer must adhere to. For example to buy a new Tesla, one must use someone else’s referral code. On the other hand, the user must be among the first five because Tesla hands out free supercharging five times.

All the other rewards will remain as they were

This is not the first time Tesla is making an adjustment to its referral program and it is likely that it will not be the last according to speculations. Nonetheless, a majority of other rewards will remain similar to the previous programs with just a tweak of realignment.

The realignment will bring along more accessibility the likes of having Powerwall 2 formerly 5 referrals now at 4 and the event invitation formerly 7 referrals, now 5. The Model S for Kids, which was formerly 3 referrals, is now at1. In the meantime, Tesla’s stock was trading at $357.32 a fall of $12.68 or 3.43%.

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