Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) At A New Level After Model S Clinches Top Spot In Its Class

Photo: Model S/Creative Commons

The stock of Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) closed at $339.60 losing 0.85% in yesterday’s trading session. Consumer Reports has placed Tesla Model S at the top in the listing of luxury vehicles globally.

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As a matter of fact, this model has succeeded at restoring the electric vehicle’s ranking. This follows a recent software update that brought back automatic emergency braking to top speeds.

Some three months ago, the Consumer Reports indicated Model S standing at 100 points in terms of rating. Among the factors that were put under consideration to reach the above figure included the vehicle’s reliability, owner satisfaction, performance and safety. This is what enabled it to displace the sedan from its top position.

The score of Consumer Reports went lower in April and a reason was cited though it sparked mixed reactions. The stated reason was that the versions of the electric vehicle lacked the much anticipated emergency braking system. Tesla had earlier given the promise that the emergency braking system would come standard in its luxury cars.

It is crucial to point out that the older versions of Model X SUV and the S was attributed with AEB systems that worked up to 90 mph. The provider sometime back resorted in the production of new “hardware 2” iterations of the Model S and X—vehicles. They were characterized with a new suite of sensors, cameras and radar. However, a number of features for instance AEB wasn’t in a good working condition.

Some sources have outlined that the consumer organization has succeeded in the restoration of some of those points. That happened after Tesla proceeded to update its software in a bid to add automatic emergency braking.

However, Consumer Reports decided to award Tesla one of two points it had stripped away citing that the updated braking system did not meet up to the set expectations. In making its analysis, Tesla has over its many years of operation taken with much seriousness the attainment of highway speeds for any model under scope.

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