Tenax Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ:TENX) Files An 8-K Financial Statements and Exhibits

Tenax Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ:TENX) Files An 8-K Financial Statements and Exhibits
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Financial Statements and Exhibits.

Exhibit No.


Press Release dated March 14, 2018

EX-99.1 2 tenx_ex991.htm PRESS RELEASE Blueprint Exhibit 99.1     Tenax Therapeutics Regains Compliance with Nasdaq Minimum Bid Price Requirement   Morrisville,…
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About Tenax Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ:TENX)

Tenax Therapeutics, Inc. is a specialty pharmaceutical company. The Company is focused on identifying, developing and commercializing products for the critical care market. The Company’s main product is levosimendan. Levosimendan is a calcium sensitizer developed for intravenous use in hospitalized patients with acutely decompensated heart failure. Levosimendan represents therapeutic modalities for the treatment of Low Cardiac Output Syndrome (LCOS), septic shock and other critical care conditions. The therapeutic effects of levosimendan are mediated through increased cardiac contractility by calcium sensitization of troponin C, resulting in a positive inotropic effect, which is not associated with substantial increases in oxygen demand; opening of potassium channels in the vasculature smooth muscle, resulting in a vasodilatory effect on all vascular beds, and opening of mitochondrial potassium channels in cardiomyocytes, resulting in a cardioprotective effect.

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