This Is What Swarm Did To Improve The Andra Fund For Investors

Swarm, a cryptocurrency investment service purported to be driven by artificial intelligence, has recently announced that investors will soon be able to access the recently tokenized Andra Fund.

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The private equity firm revealed through an Andra Fund report that the tokenization of Andra will allow investors to invest in pre-ICO companies using either Etehreum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Swarm (SWM), and Dai (DAI). Pre-ICO tech firms represent one of the fastest growing markets over the last ten years.

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Swarm’s co-founder and CEO, Philipp Pieper, stated that late stage pre-IPO technology firms have developed to become their own asset class. They have achieved impressive growth between $100 billion to $490 billion in the past three years. He added that they have therefore become one of the most attractive high-growth asset classes but they are traditionally limited to large investment companies or closed venture capital networks.

Fortunately, it seems that the asset class will no longer be limited to investment firms, meaning individual investors and other corporate clients can now invest in pre-ICOs thanks to the tokenization by Swarm. Andra says it is able to bring more democracy into venture capital by making it possible for investors all over the world to take part in late-stage pre-ICOs that deliver high growth and also in investment opportunities in Silicon Valley.

The Andra Fund was tokenized through the Silicon Valley Coin (SVC) and the value of the coin is determined by the fund’s investments since each token represents a unit of interest in the fund. It is worth noting that Andra Fund invests in shares of large stage private technology Pre-ICO firms. The capital fund has a strong team that includes bankers, lawyers, and investors. It notably gives investors access to top-level investments.

Swarm has played a critical part in Andra’s roadmap as a decentralized marketplace that works towards democratizing the investment arena by leveraging blockchain technology. It is the go-to firm for hedge funds and private equity firms that want to transform their traditionally exclusive investment opportunities so that they can make them more accessible and open.

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