Super Bowl 50 Presents New Revenue Source For Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOG) in YouTube

Super Bowl 50 Presents New Revenue Source For Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOG) in YouTube

Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) does not want advertisers to wait until Super Bowl L’s kick off date to unveil its eagerly awaited commercials.

YouTube is encouraging advertisers to put up their ad content before the game starts, as early commercials rakes in about 2.2 times more views than ads featured on the day of the game. According to a YouTube report, more than a third of the time spent watching Super Bowl ads online last year was done before the day of the game.

Google’s managing director of agency sales, Tara Walpert Levy noted that there is actually a whole Super Bowl cycle. Through live events such as the Super Bowl, YouTube has realized how valuable its services could be and the company is now offering advertisers the ability to publish their advertisements via its AdBlitz platform, a channel for watching and voting for Super Bowl ads.

Ad Blitz has been available for the past seven years and is now offering a chance for commercials to be posted long before the Super Bowl L kick-off.

YouTube has been using its usual AdBlitz video hub for promoters who want to put several variations of their ads at either full-length commercial or teaser. It has also added a real-time Advertising Tool. The feature is currently in beta mode and has reportedly been utilized by a Marco Rubio SuperPAC. Similarly reports also affirm that the feature will be used during a debate night for presidential candidates as well as during this year’s Oscars.

In order to be involved with AdBlitz, companies are required to be official Super Bowl L advertisers. If they are not, they will be denied the eligibility to participate. has already posted teasers for their Super Bowl ads.

Over the last decade, the price for a Super Bowl spot has increased by 76 percent according to information provided by Kantar Media. Last year’s commercial, “Lost Dog” by Budweiser racked up more than 18 million views before the start of Super Bowl 49 and now has more than 30 million views.