Sundial Growers Enters Manitoba Cannabis Market

Sundial Growers
Arial View of Sundial's Olds Facility /Sundial Growers

Sundial Growers (NASDAQ:SNDL) said that it entered the Manitoba market with the recent shipment of its cannabis product. 

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The company’s products are now available across the whole of the Prairies. “Adding Manitoba brings us closer to our goal of offering high-quality cannabis to consumers from coast to coast, stated Andrew Stordeurpresident of Sundial’s Canadian operations. 

Sundial said that all five cannabis retail chains in Manitoba have placed orders for its products, the first available being Zen Berry from the Calm series and Lemon Riot from the Lift series. 

The company plans to add products from the Ease, Flow and Spark series to future shipments.

As part of the recent approval by Health Canada to amend Sundial’s Standard Cultivation and Standard Processing licenses, Sundial has added 34 additional purpose-built modular cultivation rooms. Each of these rooms provides the optimal growing environment for consistent batches of cannabis and nearly double the number of existing rooms in operation. The additional supply will also help meet market demand in provinces, such as Manitoba.

Sundial’s cannabis products are now available in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario.

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