State Street Corporation (NYSE:STT) Files An 8-K Other Events

State Street Corporation (NYSE:STT) Files An 8-K Other Events
Item 8.01. Other Events.

On March 5, 2019, State Street Corporation announced that during the first quarter of 2019 it voluntarily changed its accounting method under the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) Accounting Standards Codification (ASC) 323, Investments Equity Method and Joint Ventures, for investments in low income housing tax credit from the equity method of accounting to the proportional amortization method of accounting. This change in accounting method has been applied retrospectively to all prior periods presented herein. Under the applicable bank regulatory rules, State Street Corporation is not required to and, accordingly, did not revise previously-filed reported capital metrics and ratios.
State Street Corporation is filing this Current Report on Form 8-K for the purpose of updating its audited financial statements and other disclosures included in the Annual Report on Form 10-K for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2018 (2018 Form 10-K). The information included in Exhibit 99.1 and Exhibit 99.2 to this Form 8-K presents the updated financial statements following this change in accounting method.
State Street Corporation has revised the following portions of the 2018 Form 10-K to reflect the retrospective revisions described above:
Part I
Part II
The information included in Exhibit 99.1 and Exhibit 99.2 to this Form 8-K is presented in connection with the voluntary change in accounting described above and does not otherwise amend or restate State Street Corporation\’s audited consolidated financial statements that were included in the 2018 Form 10-K. Unaffected items and unaffected portions of the 2018 Form 10-K have not been repeated in, and are not amended or modified by, Exhibit 99.1 and Exhibit 99.2 to this Form 8-K. Exhibit 99.1 and Exhibit 99.2 to this Form 8-K do not reflect events occurring after State Street Corporation filed the 2018 Form 10-K, and do not modify or update the disclosures therein in any way, other than to reflect the voluntary change in accounting as described above. Therefore, this Form 8-K and Exhibit 99.1 and Exhibit 99.2 hereto should be read in conjunction with the 2018 Form 10-K and State Street Corporation\’s other filings made with the Securities and Exchange Commission subsequent to the date of the 2018 Form 10-K.
Item 9.01. Financial Statements and Exhibits.
(d) Exhibits.
* Submitted electronically herewith
EX-23.1 2 exhibit231pla1002preflet.htm EXHIBIT 23.1 exhibit231pla1002preflet Consent of Ernst & Young LLP,…
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About State Street Corporation (NYSE:STT)

State Street Corporation, the parent company, is a financial holding company. The parent company provides financial and managerial support to its legal and operating subsidiaries. The Company, through its subsidiary, State Street Bank, provides a range of financial services and products to institutional investors across the world. Its clients include mutual funds, collective investment funds and other investment pools, corporate and public retirement plans, insurance companies, foundations, endowments and investment managers. It has approximately two lines of business: Investment Servicing and Investment Management. Its Investment Servicing line of business performs core custody and related value-added functions, such as providing institutional investors with clearing, payment and settlement services. Its Investment Management services through State Street Global Advisors (SSGA). SSGA provides a range of investment management, investment research and investment advisory services.

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