Startup KrypC Plans To Secure IoT Devices

An Indian blockchain startup KrypC is planning to adopt Internet of Things (IoT) devices to enable its intelligent machines to converse securely with one another using blockchain technology.

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IoT devices have gained importance in the world today in various sectors of economy. Most industries including healthcare, transport and smart home systems are progressively being connected to the IoT devices and can talk to each other without the input from humans. However, hackers are also devising new ways to illegally access the sensitive information of both individuals and organizations.

The company is currently developing a blockchain protocol to incorporate the latest IoT devices. The new technology will allow the movement of items across the world without the input of humans and will make it hard for a thief to make away with a client’s property.

According to Ravi Jannathan, CEO at KrypC, the world is now focusing on blockchain technology and blockchain is the ideal solution to improve on sensitive data vulnerabilities for businesses. The firm conducts research activities and believes that the integration of the latest technology in its processes will enable it increase efficiency and transparency.

KrypC has operations in the US, Netherlands and India and plans are underway to establish more branches in other parts of the world. The company serves both local and international customers with custom-built blockchain solutions for particular business needs with zero coding effort.

Today, anyone can create an encrypted amount of verified individual data that can be used to conduct any business transaction using a documented digital signature. KrypC also has a sophisticated ledger platform known as ‘KrypCore’ that provides the business entities with the right platform to develop Blockchain applications that can enhance their business operations.

The company has worked with a number of cases in various sectors including the supply chain, law, insurance, financial, healthcare, banking, tourism and much more. The company is currently working with more than 20 clients both locally and internationally.

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