SportsCastr Enters Partnership Deal With WNBPA Involving FanChain Coin

SportsCastr has reported it has entered a partnership with the Women’s National Basketball Players Association (WNBPA). Following the deal, the former will provide interactive as well as live video content for fans.

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SportsCastr entered the partnership agreement with REP Worldwide. This is the agency that represents the group licensing of WNBPA as well as players’ marketing. By utilizing SportsCastr’s FanChain coin, basketball enthusiasts will now access the premium content of their favorite women’s team.

SportsCastr social platform

SportsCastr is a live-streaming social platform that enables users to choose their preferred color commentator. The platform allows viewers to choose which user they prefer to have call or even predict games.

Established in 1998, WNBPA is the union that represents women who are basketball players in the Women’s National Basketball Association. The union files grievances and even negotiates collective bargaining agreements on behalf of its members.

Following the deal, the player members of WNBA will be invited to give their fans live commentary. Through SportsCastr’s platform, they players will tackle various college and professional sports issues. Moreover, they will share with fans their personal insights as well as other related content.

Provide a specific portal

The live stream platform will offer a specific portal for the WNBPA. It will combine all of a player’s individual content. Additionally, fans can get the most favored player streams since the platform will provide a leaderboard.

Terri Jackson who is WNBPA’s Director of Operations commented on the partnership, “Through the SportsCastr live-streaming platform, our players have another exciting way to engage fans in real-time. This innovative technology also fits our objective to build unique group licensing opportunities through REP Worldwide that bring fans and players closer.”

Meanwhile, at the beginning of August, SportsCastr signed a similar agreement with the NFL Players Association (NFLPA). Thus, fans could henceforth access content that was initially tagged as exclusive. Fans would also have the chance to get an NFLPA player’s insight and even become a color commentator.

By using SportsCastr’ FanChain cryptocurrency, users can choose any sports commentary they prefer listening to while watching a sports event. Subsequently, the said users can participate by posting their own live commentary on the platform. Afterward, the users can be rewarded through FanChain tokens depending on their popularity.

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