South Korea’s Coinone opens physical cryptocurrency exchange

Coinone Blocks
Coinone Blocks / Photo Credit: Coinone

Coinone, the third largest bitcoin exchange in South Korea, has opened a physical cryptocurrency exchange where people will enjoy many services including ATM.

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The brick-and-motor facility, named Coinone Blocks, will provide ATM services and support six cryptocurrencies including BTC, BCH, ETH, ETC, XRP, and QTUM. A large display board inside the center will offer up-to-date and real-time market information.

In addition, Coinone Blocks will offer face-to-face consultation service to people interesting in betting on the digital currency.

Coinone called Coinone Blocks as “the world’s first blockchain 4D zone,” according to a report in Korea Joongang Daily.

A Different Type of Bitcoin Exchange

Coinone Blocks is a physical edition of Coinone’s regular online exchange.

The brick-and-motor branch seems to be a different concept in the cryptocurrency industry. People will be able to get support and assistant on cryptocurrency trading. Experts at the facility will provide in-person consultation to people interested in investing in the virtual currency.

In addition to customer support, in-person consultation and ATM services, Coinone Blocks will also sell USB hardware wallets that offer a secure and solid solution for storage of bitcoin.

Bitcoin Becoming Very Popular in South Korea

South Korea is one of the largest Bitcoin exchange markets in the world. It is the hectic trading hub for the cryptocurrency.

Recently, South Korea’s Financial Services Commission announced that it is reforming the bitcoin industry. The authority is looking to build South Korea’s Bitcoin blockchain-based financial infrastructure, according to a report in Seoul Space.

South Korean are interested in bitcoin because the digital currency is a solution to their major problem: sending money abroad. With Bitcoin, sending money to anywhere in the world is very simple and easy.

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