South Korea Yet To Hand Over Its Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Google Maps Data

Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) has revealed that South Korea has failed to submit its Google Maps data within the stipulated time frame according to Google’s request.

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The software and tech company had requested that South Korea provide its mapping data so that it can be included in the worldwide servers. The Korean government had stated that it would review the request and make a decision by August 24th but the country has decided to push back the decision by three months. This means that the South Korean government plans to reveal its decision on the mapping data on November 23rd.

Google’s initial request to the South Korean government stated that Google needed the mapping data of the country so that it can it can enable a full definition of the maps and create a clear mapping of the country. South Korea is skeptic about the request and that is why the country is taking time before making the final decision. The government officials from the country stated that the decision requires a lot of caution. The company stated that it has sent its representatives to meet with government officials from the country so that they can talk about the matter at hand.

The South Korean government is still worried that handing over mapping data might be a dangerous move. The Google officials have not managed to convince the country that they are giving away the data for a good cause. The next three months are expected to feature numerous more meetings between the government officials and the Google representatives. The situation stretches as far back as the time Google launched its map services. South Korea has since then taken a defensive stance against handing out maps data. This is because they believe that handing over the data will put national security at risk.

Google has also argued that the move by South Korea has allowed for unfair competition from South Korean mapping institutions and services. In an interesting twist of irony, the Korean Fair Trade Commission (KFTC) recently launched a probe against Google on grounds that the company has been violating anti-competition regulations in the country.

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