Sony Corp (ADR) (NYSE:SNE) Implements PlayStation Plus Membership Fee Hikes

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Sony Corp (ADR) (NYSE:SNE) has confirmed that the PlayStation (PS) Plus fees in the US for a 12-month membership and a three-month membership will surge next month to $59.99 from $49.99 and $24.99 from $17.99, respectively. Meanwhile, the one-month membership fee remains unchanged at $9.99. The new pricing schemes will be in effect starting September 22.

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PS Plus Membership Fee Surge

This is the first time that Sony has imposed membership fee hikes in the US since PS Plus had its debut six years ago. The company explained that the increases in the prices are in accordance with current market conditions. With the new pricing schemes, Sony hopes to further improve customer experience on PS Plus.

Sony promises that all PS Plus members will enjoy a more valuable experience with the platform’s rich features and other exclusive perks.

PS Plus Benefits

One of the most celebrated perks of being a PS Plus member is the free access to a couple of games, which vary every month. In order for members to maintain their access to the free games, they need to maintain an uninterrupted, continuous subscription to PS Plus.

The free games for next month still remain mystery. Nonetheless, the free games for this month include Rebel Galaxy, Tricky Towers, and Ultratron on the PS 4; Retro/Grade, Ultratron, and Yakuza 5 on the PS 3; and Patapon 3, and Ultratron on the PS Vita.

New PS 4 Models

Accordingly, Sony is planning to launch an upgraded PS 4 base model and a high-end version as well in September— three years following the gaming console’s global premiere. Speculations have it that this is part of the company’s strategy to maintain a growing user base.

The company will hold a news conference on September 7 in New York (NY) to discuss its PS 4 business. Analysts are expecting Sony to officially unveil its purported prospects at the said event.

Damian Thong, Macquarie Securities analyst, noted that the upcoming base model might potentially be slimmer and cheaper than the current PS 4 model in the market.

Sony Corp (ADR) (NYSE:SNE) stock closed yesterday at $33.01, up .29 or a little less than one percent while trading 723,915 shares.


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