Sony Corp (ADR) (NYSE:SNE) Reveals HFR 4K Camera At NAB 2O16

Sony Corp (ADR) (NYSE:SNE) Reveals HFR 4K Camera At NAB 2O16

Sony Corp (ADR) (NYSE:SNE) has revealed a new high frame rate camera that can shoot at 4k at 480 FPS.

The new camera is called the HDC-4800 UHFR. The company claims that the camera is targeting sports production. The camera is particularly suited for slow motion moments because of its high frame rate as opposed to having a high zoom capacity which is often the expectation of many. The camera features a Super 35 global-shutter CMOS sensor and a PL lens mount.

Sony has thrown in a BPU-4800 baseband processor which allows the HDC-4800 UHFR to smoothly handle the 4K recording capability. The processor has a standard storage of 4TB. The camera is also able to shoot at 720FPS when shooting at 720p. Fiber cables are used to transmit the content to the processor because they can handle the heavy amount of data at rapid speeds. The camera also uses a 10-bit XAVC, which makes it even more compatible with the Sony camera network. This means that the HDC-4800 can be controlled using the HDCU-2000 and other affiliated broadcast equipment including the PWS-4500 live server.

Sony officials claim that a prototype of the camera was used to film the Super Bowl 50. The company revealed the camera at NAB, and it has been introduced as a successor to the PXW-X400 HD camera which Sony revealed last year. The HDC-4800 also carries all the features of the PXW-X400 HD. The camera is expected to be available for sale later on this year.

Sony has also introduced the PVM-X550, which is a 55-inch OLED client monitor which features a 12-bit signal-processing engine which is similar to the one found in the BVM X300. The tech firm claims that the monitor is ideal for watching content recorded using the new camera. The monitor is also ideal for HDR content. The company also revealed a 3.3 optical disk cartridge with an 8-channel optical unit which increases the read and write speeds from the previous versions.