Snap Inc (NYSE:SNAP) Mishandling The People It Needs To Survive

Advertisers for Snap Inc (NYSE:SNAP) are increasingly losing interest in the provider’s platform and this once again is causing it to plunge into yet another dilemma.

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Over the years, the company has been compelled to face up to numerous business challenges. However, what matters the most at the moment is for the company to show investors the set up for a unique mechanism, one that will help advertisers reach the coveted young demographic.

CNBC got in touch with a number of agencies on the issue. Most of them wanted their identities kept anonymous. In making their statements, they outlined that the provider had done a number of things wrong. For example, it had been showcasing lack of interest among social media celebrities, lacked measurement data and above all there was the general indifference towards advertising agencies. These reasons are culminating into the provider losing some of its dedicated clients who are moving away because they think they are not getting the best care.

In the meantime, a number of creative agencies and influencers have taken a strong stand in relation to the matter. According to them, Instagram tends to be beating Snap in a number of fronts.

The marketing company Trend Pie CEO Victor Ricci opines, “Some brands think Snapchat is dying, and they want their brand associated with a platform that is growing.”

For instance, the Marketing platform Curalate unveiled its latest product the previous month called Showroom. It has been quite effective towards making mobile-friendly shoppable links for the various social media platforms.

Paperclip allows most of the companies to link to a number of the external websites. When it chose to unveil Paperclip, it struck the understanding that most of the companies would be jumping at the opportunity.

Most agencies continue to hold high hopes that indeed the company will be improving in the course of time. Asides from that, they have outlined that Instagram is far ahead.

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