SKY Network Television Limited (NZE:SKT) Eyeing The Advancement Of Its Multiscreen TV Experiences

The stock of SKY Network Television Limited (NZE:SKT) closed at $2.65 gaining 1.15% in yesterday’s trading session. This company is making major changes to its Pay TV operations with the Cisco® Infinite Video Platform.

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In an effort to take its entertainment service to higher levels, the company will be seeking to introduce multiscreen TV experiences that it hopes will reach the various subscribers via tablets, phones and the Internet connected set-top boxes/receivers.

The chief products & technology officer of Sky New Zealand, Julian Wheeler opined, “The New Zealand Pay TV market is witnessing a lot of different players introducing multiscreen and OTT services, while a large population is still watching TV via satellite dishes.”

This company takes great pride in its existing leadership position and one thing that is coming out in the open is that the company is uniquely positioned to merge the two segments as well as provide a seamless experience. It hopes that the experience will result in the provision of the very best in the broadcast & IP world and the TV experience is gradually moving to a whole new level with time.

While a great section of the premium video in the current times has been over the broadcast networks, the world seems to be rapidly drifting toward a new normal. The senior vice president who is also the general manager for Cisco asserted that most probably the IP network would be the future video.

Sky is on the other hand looking forward to leverage on its Infinite Video Platform and it expects to succeed in its quest to make IP video match as well as exceed broadcast reliability and quality. It goes without saying that indeed Sky is on course to joining the growing global community of the various customers that will be moving along with its vision.

Cisco is undertaking the construction of a simplified, automated, and virtualized network platform of the future and the company’s spokesperson has stated the company will be employing its systems, software, silicon and services to achieve its objective.

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