Six Flags Entertainment Corp (NYSE: SIX) Begins Work On Its First Chinese Theme Park

Six Flags Entertainment Corp (NYSE: SIX) Begins Work On Its First Chinese Theme Park

Construction work has begun on Six Flags Entertainment Corp’s (NYSE: SIX) first theme park in China. The company is partnering with Riverside Investment Group on the development project, which is expected to cost $4.6 billion.

The theme park will be located in the Haiyan region of Shanghai and is expected to open doors to visitors in 2019. Six Flags has indicated that its Chinese theme park will open in phases with an exhibition center expected to be ready first.

Exhibition center

Through the exhibition center, Six Flags plans to entice visitors for the theme park by providing them with an interactive preview of what is to come. The exhibition facility is expected to open later this year. Six Flags management is targeting a fall opening for the center.

What to expect

Though far from completion, Six Flags is already talking about what visitors can expect at its first Chinese amusement park. According to the company, the Haiyan theme park will feature family rides, world-class shows and roller coasters. There will also be attractions that highlight Chinese culture.

Economic boost

Six Flags’ Chinese theme park is also expected to come as an economic boon to the Yangtze River Delta and other parts of Eastern China.

Six Flags is hoping to leverage its global image to drive success for its maiden Chinese amusement park. The company is already famous for its multipurpose theme parks that cater to visitors of all ages.

Theme park portfolio

Six Flags operates 18 theme parks in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. It has been in the amusement park business 55 years. Six Flags is the world’s largest regional theme park operator.

Riverside Investment Group, Six Flags’ partner in the operation, is a famed tourism and real estate developer with a number of awards in the trade to its credit. That explains why working with Riverside is also expected to boost Six Flags’ reputation in China.