SIPP Industries Hemp H-IPA Beer Available Now in Illinois

SIPP Industries (OTCMKTS: SIPC) has confirmed its proprietary Major Hemp H-IPA beer’s availability in 27 locations spread across Illinois. The locations making up Sipp Industries’ outlets include leading liquor stores, pubs and restaurants.

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It is apparent that its distribution agreement with Wein-Bauer, Inc. paid off big time. Demand for the company’s hemp-infused IPA beer is high with sales going through the roof. The product has received an overwhelming reception surpassing the company’s projection.

2nd Brewing Phase

Sipp Industries has already commissioned its second brewing round that is expected to run until the end of December. The product’s brewing is handled by the Church Street Brewing Company based in Itasca, Illinois.

The company’s Illinois Distributor Wein-Bauer has rushed to purchase the remaining stock to fulfill trickling purchase orders.  Wein-Bauer is credited for pushing hemp-based beer in Illinois. The distributor prides a major distribution center in Chicago with a strong network of partners and strategic partners across the state and nationwide.

New outlets

Sipp Industry is continually adding new outlets for the Major Hemp H-IPA. A week ago, the company managed to get Binny’s Beverage Depot to sell its product in which the beer received overwhelming support upon inaugural sale. Prominent liquor stores are stocking the hemp-based product including two Leo’s Liquors locations, Kenwood Liquors, Sunset Foods, Antioch Fine Wine & Liquor, Joe’s Beverage Warehouse, and the first Armanetti Beverage Mart, a chain consisting of 15 store locations throughout the state of Illinois, according to the the company.

Major Hemp H-IPA is being sold in large numbers at restaurants and local pubs. Chicago is famed for its drinking tradition, a reason Major Hemp H-IPA is being received well in the region.

Syman Vong, the company’s Chief Executive Officer confirmed that his team has been focused on expansion efforts following the unexpectedly high demand for its products nationally. The Chief further said that they will leverage on their current position as the first publicly traded Hemp Beer Company in the US to publicize their brand and create a long term effect. Vong is optimistic that the Major Hemp H-IPA brand will grow even more in 2019.

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