SHIFTMobility Inc Unveils First Secure Automotive Blockchain Platform

It was today that SHIFTMobility Inc unveiled the first blockchain-powered platform for the automotive sector, a move that is expected to give a major boost to the industry. Over the years, consumers have been full of expectations regarding blockchain and the platform may be what it took to fulfill their needs. The connecting of drivers to services, vehicles and everything else that they need to serve diverse consumer expectations is helping simplify business operations greatly.

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The general working mechanism of SHIFTMobility

SHIFTMobility is all about the transmission of data from the driver to the car, service visits, insurance, real-time condition and eventually merged into a single, secure, unbroken transferable and distributed data chain.

The CEO of SHIFTMobility, Pavana Jain, opined, “In an age of privacy concerns and rapid evolution in vehicle technology, our automotive blockchain platform will ensure the security and integrity of customer and vehicle information while maintaining the intrinsic benefits of a globally connected ecosystem.”

The company is the pioneer in this area and that is not forgetting that most of the solutions it offers employ blockchain to secure, distribute, and validate transactions. He added that as a company they were not going to stop in their efforts of providing the required infrastructure to help promote blockchain adoption across the industry. The elimination of remaining information barriers, costly IT infrastructure, security risk and the rest of the concerns in line with the transaction volumes is part of the recent dynamics in the business.

Shifting dynamics and their impact

The Automotive Cloud Platform is the one responsible for powering most of the SHIFTMobility branded solutions and an official working with the company in a recent interview disclosed that there were many more changes on the way.

As time progresses, cars continue getting smarter. The associated inconsistency is that the supplier network responsible for linking parts manufacturers, repair shops and distributors are to this moment relying upon the inefficient, archaic and the super-slow system.

The AutoZone, WORLDPAC and Performance Radiator parts is the latest addition to the company’s service network. The repair shops will have it easy because the need to waste a lot of time, waiting on the phone with distributors or to make visits to the various external websites has been eliminated.

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